FLOOZY: A PRIMER by Jessica Cornelson

Due to an editorial oversight, this poem failed to appear here last week.

Our first poem of The Plot! 

Congratulations to Jesseca Cornelson. She has crafted a fantastic poem that wonderfully encapsulates what The Plot and Villainess Press are all about.

Floozy: A Primer

 First you gotta forget what mama says.

Put all that old lady shit behind you

and buy yourself a dress that’d break your daddy’s heart.

Wear it like it’s already broken,

like breaking things is your best fun.


Surround yourself with things that break:

bottles, hearts, cars, your singing voice.

Become a connoisseur of bodies.

Taste them for flavors of the lands that grew them:

This one is leaves under a stream’s rock bed.

This one a red-clay gully that swallows

sunsets whole, surprisingly slick.


Collect one night stands.

Associate them with new cities.

Navigate by means of beds,

landmarks with box springs.


Always splurge on fresh flowers,

small oranges, and candles.

Live sloppy. Wear expensive shoes

with a second-hand dress.

Pay for cheese with the gas bill:

gouda, brie, chevre, anything smoked.


Smoke, drink, and smoke.

A hangover is a kind of prayer,

as are dirty sheets and day-after kisses.

Jesseca Cornelson is an associate professor of English at Alabama State University where she teaches composition, literature, and creative writing. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in publications such as Parody, Botticelli Magazine, the Me, as a Child Poetry Series by Silver Birch Press, Platte Valley Review, Cellpoems, and Salamander. In August 2015, she will be a writer-in-residence at the Platte Clove Preserve sponsored by the Catskill Center.

*This poem originally appeared in 2007 in Caveat Lector.


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