THE BAR by Rozanne Gold

I am suddenly craving a whiskey old fashioned…

The Bar

articles on mixology often describe

drinks involving whiskey

rotating daily

glasses of ice cubes shatter

when barmen polish their lines with jive

my sisters polish their looks in mirrors

hugging the bar like a row of onions

hoping for gibsons straight up with ribbon

succulent plants to suck on  

chatter all night  

What did you say?  

You want to sip me?  

Are you sleeping here

curled like an ear?

Rozanne Gold is a four-time James Beard Award winning chef, author, and journalist. She has published 13 cookbooks and hundreds of articles about food, dining, and culture. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, among many other national publications. At 23, she was the first chef to the Mayor of New York, Ed Koch. Now, she is an impassioned hospice worker, spiritual care volunteer, and an MFA candidate in poetry at the New School.


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