What I love about this poem is Jesseca’s fearlessness of language. So often, it seems, poets will use the wrong word because the right word could be deemed “inappropriate.” Sometimes, folks, you just have to say FUCK and allow it to be eloquent.

Infinitely Scalable Model of One Theory of Efficiency


Here we have the self-fucking cock,

wind ’im up and watch ’im bang


himself into oblivion, the halcyon

thundersmack of wood-whack-wood,


now that’s the thing-in-itself!

unburdened, in this case, of cunt


but, in general, of its relation

to complexity, the schematics of desire.


If only everything were the clarity of an example,

the illustration that proves the theory—


which is to say, there is some genius

in the cock that fucks itself,


lust clarified to the pure essence of its own being.

Think of coffee that makes itself


or dishes that break themselves

for a sense of the possibilities:


needs that fulfill themselves

and problems that blame themselves


make for a good night’s ethics.

Imagine a world where lakes drown


themselves, fish catch themselves,

chickens lay themselves in jokes


that tell themselves, and a gadget invents

itself in an infomercial that orders itself


with money that makes itself.

If this theory proved itself, the dead


would count themselves in silent

self-lamenting elegies, bells would toll


for themselves, clocks stop themselves,

the sermon preach itself, the funeral feast


feed itself, the government impeach

itself, and St. Peter would pass judgment


on his own damned self. Hell,

this poem would write itself in self-eating


words with lips that would read themselves,

and you, my friend, would be free of it all.

Jesseca Cornelson is an associate professor of English at Alabama State University where she teaches composition, literature, and creative writing. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in publications such as Parody, Botticelli Magazine, the Me, as a Child Poetry Series by Silver Birch Press, Platte Valley Review, Cellpoems, and Salamander. In August 2015, she will be a writer-in-residence at the Platte Clove Preserve sponsored by the Catskill Center.


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