A GHOST FACE by Kiara Nicole Letcher

I love Kiara’s work and this play on 80’s & 90’s scream queens is no exception. In Kiara’s words, “What becomes of women who create their own horror stories out of want and need and strange beauty?” Of course, there’s nothing more gurlesque than a kitschy heroine covered in blood and kicking ass, right? Stay tuned for more poems from this experiment she’s been working on. They are so cool!

  A Ghost Face

Face of white knuckles

gripping a knife.

A mouth lined in cat calls

and cactus spurs.


He made my poppy bleed,

my opium burst.

What did he need?


My body swaying

like a strange palm?


His thrill busted

open in the dirt.

Brown skin, white meat,

murky juices,

all over the pavement.


Coconut head rolling

on the ground.

Bleached skull smiling

showing teeth.


Kiara Nicole Letcher currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. She received her MFA from The University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2014. She has appeared in Green Mountains Review, Stone Highway Review, New Bile, and Pismire. She will appear in the forthcoming anthology, Parts of the Whole: Poetry of the Body.


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