Today’s poem is by Nathan Tompkins. But wait!! How can a poem by a guy be Gurlesque? Well, that is up for debate, but when I read this poem, the language spoke to me on a feminist level. I identified with both the speaker and the whales, a sense of caring to much while watching others pass by oblivious. There is a frenetic attitude attempting to be soothed here. Haven’t we all been on the verge of madness while searching for calm?

*Note: To preserve the original formatting of the poem, a PDF has been used, rather than the typical post style.

One Hand on the Bulwarks
Nathan Tompkins is a writer and photographer living in Portland, Oregon with his elderly dachshund, Yoshi.   His work has appeared in several publications including NonBinary Review, Tishman Review, Calliope Magazine, Keeping It Weird, and North West Words.  He is also the author of two chapbooks:  Junk Mail of the Heart and The Dog Stops Here.


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