GETTING READY by Rozanne Gold

I love the fearlessness of the language in this poem. Rozanne doesn’t shy away from “dirty words” and that is so important for a Gurlesque (really, any) writer. Lack of a filter–prettying up the language to make it more “palatable”–is a wonderful asset to have. It encourages honesty and helps the reader truly feel that the writer meant what they said the way that the said it. Rozanne is taking no prisoners here.


Getting Ready

a sonnet after Gurlesque



I soaped   & presented   myself in a   soft light

eyes at one end and cunt at the other

can you imagine dear men what it is to be a woman being fucked

give me liberty or give me everything you’ve ever loved


Lie down now in cold blanket having bitchy thoughts

his anus smell like an old dollar bill

I breathe those words in your ear, which make you climax

tears slide out from under my cateye sunglasses


I don’t like my servitude as a tiger…but I like baby bottles of cream

the cherry flavored nipples of her to some appeared as pig snouts

the gold paste of afterbirth, no red—

your glass daughter and a line of hens in sky


The wind in my bikini is not in my bikini at all

just leave me alone with the girl in the casserole



Rozanne Gold is a four-time James Beard Award winning chef, author, and journalist.  She has published 13 cookbooks and hundreds of articles about food, dining, and culture.  Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, among many other national publications.  At 23, she was the first chef to the Mayor of New York, Ed Koch.  Now, she is an impassioned hospice worker, spiritual care volunteer, and an MFA candidate in poetry at the New School.


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